Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Travelgolf.com blogger still hates Tony Romo

Blogger Chris Baldwin of Travelgolf.com, sheds a few tears for Greg Norman having to pay $103 million in a divorce settlement with his ex-wife, while Christy Brinkley only had to pay $2.1 million. Baldwin, right, writes: "Look at that and you have to realize that it’s still much better to be a woman than a man in a divorce case these days no matter how much money your spouse makes." Okay. We're not even going to touch that comment. Then he had to mention Tony Romo. He just had to to. Baldwin writes: "On the bright side, this should all make Jessica Simpson feel good about the idea of marrying Dallas Cowboys choking dunce, golf poser quarterback Tony Romo though. Since Simpson has more money than Romo now, will always have more money than Romo - and more importantly has already done much more with her career than Romo will ever do with his."
This all comes after in one column he called Romo an "attention whore" and later in another column he ripped Dallas Morning News reporters (aka "homers") for defending Romo. And, oh, then in another column he praises Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers while ending his praise with a slap at Romo.
I think that covers it all.

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