Monday, July 21, 2008

Jason Taylor traded; Dancing with stars reference hits all-time high

  • Mike Florio of the Sporting News breaks down the Jason Taylor trade 10 different ways.
  • Peter King likes Taylor's deal to the Redskins. Then he mentions his man-friend Brett Favre later in this column.
  • The Jason Taylor timeline.
  • The deal to the Redskins ends with the Jason Taylor saga. (Now all we need is an end to the Brett Favre saga.)
  • Jason Cole of Yahoo! calls the move logical. “This move really revitalizes Jason for the end of his career,” Gary Wichard, Taylor’s agent, said Sunday.
  • The Washington Post's Mike Wise writes about the Redskins' dance with yet another star. Daniel Snyder loves his stars.
  • CBS sports' Clark Judge: "Trade good for Taylor ... could be better for 'Skins"
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