Saturday, July 19, 2008

President George Bush loves John Danks

President George W. Bush gets to meet all the best athletes. When Eli or Peyton Manning win a title, they meet the President. When the Celtics or Red Sox win a title, they meet the President. The only time the President seems to enter the sports world is when the best teams visit the White House for an honorary ceremony. But this story is a bit different. According to Daily Herald columnist Barry Rozner, President George W. Bush loves Chicago White pitcher John Danks. Recently, Bush was overheard talking to White House director of communications Kevin Sullivan, a White Sox fan, about Danks. Bush said: "Well, Sully, he did it again last night. Danks pitched a beauty.'' Rozner's story deserves to be read by all. Danks said, when told about Bush's interest: "Just the fact that my name has been mentioned in the Oval Office, or was mentioned in one of those meetings, it's just not something you'd ever expect to hear. It's pretty awesome." In the end, Danks signed a baseball for Bush and it now sits in the White House. It reads: "Mr. President, Thanks for your support! Hook 'em Horns. John Danks." The 23-year-old Danks, like Bush, hails from Texas.

  • Hey, folks, for much, much more NFL news, go the Zone Blitz's front page.

    Noce said...

    We have to read the story? Then why doesn't the link work?

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