Monday, July 21, 2008

NFL questions, answers and other things to consider

You gotta love question and answers.
  •'s Paul Kuharsky of Hashmarks answers his mailbag. His lead question is a nice one: I would be interested in a story about the economic side of the ball for the rookie free agents. How do they survive without a contract? Do they get a daily check for training camp? For the answer and more, check out Hashmarks.

  • Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress answers questions about the team.

  •'s James Walker of Hashmarks answers questions about the AFC North.

  • Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Tony Grossi answers tons of questions from Browns fans.

  • Former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan answers questions.

  • Newday's Bob Glauber answers some of the NFL's burning questions.

  • The Sporting News staff answers 10 fantasy football questions.

  • With the Dallas Cowboys camp ready to open in California, the Ventura County Star's Bob Buttitta answers a few questions about the Cowboys.

  • The Tampa Tribune's Ira Kaufman addresses one question per NFL division. He also ranks the teams with the best shots at the Super Bowl.

  • The Chicago Bears face 10 questions as camp opens.

  • Nine things to consider as the Atlanta Falcons enter the 2008 season by the Atlanta-Constitution's Mark Bradley.

  • Top story lines at the Baltimore Ravens' camp, by the Baltimore Sun.
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