Thursday, July 31, 2008


What Would Bloggers Do? Well, here is what they did. Each item is followed by a MIF (Most Interesting Fact) from the article.

  • Stiles Points writes: "Erin Andrews - what she was wearing that got the Chicago Cubs and Lou Piniella all bothered."
          MIF: Stiles Points has a hot photo of what Erin Andrews was wearing earlier in the week in Chicago. Maybe it is time for her to start dressing for the occasion.

  • Awful Announcing shares " 'Ex-Pats' Writer Decides To Burn Bridges And/Or Create Elaborate PR Stunt."
          MIF: "Tom Casale was, up until recently, apparently a writer for Patriots Football Weekly. Tom has "been let go" for one reason or another (so says he) and now he wants to drop some bombs and nuke the place on his way out. Pats fans then decide to believe the plan via the comments and other websites." There is way more interesting news in this story. Just hit the link and read it.

  • writes "The Craziest Thing We’ve Seen Today."
          MIF: "(Bob Golic, former NFL player and brother of Mike Golic) has lost a shocking amount of weight, like pretty much a small Asian person’s worth, and it seems to have had the Billy Bob Thorton effect on him where his skin doesn’t know what to do with itself. We’re not sure we would have had any idea that this is Bob Golic if we’d just seen a stand alone picture."

  • Also from, "People Who Suck In Your Office: Reply All Guy."
          MIF: "RAG replies all to every mass communication email. Sometimes it’s a lame one-liner. Sometimes it’s to ask a meaningless question. And sometimes it’s just to confirm he got the email." We all know this guy.

  • NE Patriots Draft shares: "2008 NFL Movie Posters."
          MIF: The most interesting fact are the posters and not any words.

  • From The Big Lead,"Hard Knocks: Poor Philly, Jax and Brady Quinn."
          MIF: "Apparently, Romo is staying in a different hotel than the team, and it’s because he didn’t want Jessica to be a 'distraction.' "

  • EDSBS rips ESPN's Jeffri Chadiha for his comment: "Joe Paterno is the Brett Favre of college football.”
          MIF: "Jeffri Chadiha on ESPN today wins the prize for asinine Brett Favre-centered rhetoric taken to a new, inaccurate, and fatheaded extreme."

  • Fanhouse writes, "Kellen Clemens Is Playing Right Into Brett Favre's Hands."
          MIF: "I don't think I'm allowed to use the phrase for what he (Kellen Clemens) would do to his bedsheets should he see a fresh defense in a real game right now but you see what I'm going for here."

  • It's early, folks. Hopefully, more to come.
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