Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Daily Diva Digest: Brett Favre

The 3-D topic today is Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre. This has all the making of a soap opera today.
  • The Green Bay Press Gazettte is reporting that Green Bay Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy is flying to Mississippi to knock some sense (our words, not the newspaper's) into Favre. A source tells the newspaper: “They’re asking him not to come up there. They don’t want him up there.”
  • If the NFL acts on Favre's reinstatement request, the Packers will have to place him on the 80-man roster or lose him without any compensation. The person they cut will be a celebrity for about a day or two. He'll get some sort of mention on all the national shows. Peter King might even write about him.
  • This has be to the top news find of the day. Fanhouse reports the following: " lists a private jet as having left the Green Bay airport at 9:33 last night and arrived at the Hattiesburg, Mississippi airport at 11:34." Meaning this is Mark Murphy's plane. Tracking commercial flights, we heard about, but now you can track private jets? What next? Listening into Murphy and Favre's phone conversations?
  • The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Murphy was headed for Mississippi to work out a "peace agreement" between the Packers and Favre. The newspaper reports that the team's Family Night Scrimmage is slated for Sunday. The last thing the Packers need is a ton of fans chanting Favre's name and cheering his every move. Favre, of course, would love this.
  • According to the Green Bay Press Gazette, as of 9:50 a.m.: "When approached after the workout, Favre told the Hattiesburg American, " 'I’m late for a 9 o’clock meeting and I’m not lying.' Favre had just finished running the stadium bleachers with his wife, Deanna."
  • Then, as of 11:45 a.m., according to the Green Bay Press Gazette, reporters are camped outside the office of Favre's agent, Bus Cook. Favre and Cook are meeting with Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy. Ahhh, "As the Favre Turns" will return soon with more updates.
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