Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brett Favre rumors cross all over NFL to CFL

  • A poll by the Green Bay Gazette shows a split by the Green Bay Packers shareholders, who are seen as symbolic shareholders without power. The shareholders meeting is slated for Lambeau Field Thursday.

  • The New York Daily News' Gary Myers writes that the New York Jets are a perfect fit for Brett Favre. He writes: "According to a source familiar with their thinking, the Jets are turned off by his age (39 on Oct.10), salary ($12million), the required draft-choice compensation (probably a second-round pick) and his commitment. The source confirmed yesterday that the Jets are still not thinking about Favre." But despite all this, he writes that Favre still "gives the Jets a better chance to win than (Chad) Pennington or (Kellen) Clemens."

  • Cell phone records might show the Vikings and Favre did talk, but now there is another direction this Favre soap opera can go. The cell phone was team-issued, which means if it wasn't as one of the perks on Favre's contract, it could be a salary-cap violation if Favre used it while a player for the Packers. This is getting crazier and crazier.

  • Despite entering camp with five quarterbacks, including start Jeff Garcia, there is chatter that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are thinking about Brett Favre. According the Chris Simms, who has asked for a trade, Bucs General Manager Bruce Allen asked Simms what he thought of Favre coming to Tampa Bay. Simms said: "He asked if I felt Brett would be able to come back and be good here if he didn't have a lot of reps in training camp. I said I thought he would but there would have to be some compromise with coach (Jon) Gruden. He'll just want the play called and to drop back and throw it in there."

  • Favre in the CFL as quarterback and owner? From York reporter Marty York: "Brett Favre, the message on my voice mail insisted, is mulling over an offer from the Toronto Argonauts that would make him not only the quarterback of the CFL team but also its part-owner." York doesn't know who left the message, but he says of the person on the voicemail: "He didn’t identify himself. He said he’d lose his job if he were exposed." This is news -- guys leaves message for reporter. Hmmm. York writes: "Genuine blockbuster stories have been leaked to me this way in the past and it would’ve been irresponsible for me not to at least check. And if Favre happens to join the Argos, I’ll still brag that I let you know about it first." The Argonauts denied the story.
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