Wednesday, October 8, 2008

After 1,000 wins and a full life, an Ohio legend dies at 93

Stiles Points shares his thoughts and reflections of an Ohio legend.
Stiles Points
writes about Youngstown State coaching legend Dom Rosselli, who died yesterday at age 93. Rosselli coached the men's basketball team at Youngstown State and also coached the baseball team. He also served as an assistant football coach for 21 seasons. His record on the basketball court was 589-388. As for on the diamond, his Penguins were 486-314.

Stiles Points writes of an interview he conducted back in 1990 with Rosselli:
    Rosselli was probably the most pleasant interview I ever conducted...he was not some cranky, old person who was mad at the that time he was 75-years-old and for two hours he told some great stories and fed me pizza...

    I can remember him saying that he only did 1 resume in his lifetime, and it was for a job at YSU...he said he was fortunate to have a good job at a place like YSU, so he had no reason to leave.

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