Friday, October 24, 2008

ESPN's Outside the Lines focuses on Palin, Obama & basketball

On Sunday's version of Outside the Lines, ESPN focuses on the basketball talent of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. Obama, whose brother-in-law is the head basketball coach at Oregon State, is known to play basketball while on the campaign trail. Palin, who is known for her looks, was a member of her hometown high school team that won a state title. Palin (No. 22 in photo) sank a pair of free throws with 10 seconds left as her team posted a five-point win over a team from Anchorage. The Alaska Governor of her high school championship victory said:
    "It absolutely changed my life. It may sound hokey -- that state championship really was a very significant time in my life because we knew that our team, together we had overcome such adversity… I can relate so much of the principles of the lessons learned then to what we are going through right now.”
The show airs 9 a.m. Sunday on ESPN.

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