Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stuff I already read today that maybe you should read

  • This is what happens when a reporter gets caught in the middle of a story. It involves a reporter, a Miami school board member, the Boston Globe and the Miami Herald. And if it makes for a better story, a romantic affair may be involved in the story.
  • Politico reports: Senator Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, said to Governor Mitt Romney, a Republican, that she spit on his earpiece. A joke, we think. And funny, if it was a joke.
  • Fanhouse and Deadspin: Is this really more Ed Hochuli e-mail?
  • Awful Announcing supplies us with the MLB TV announcing schedule.
  • NY Times shares its view of NBC's overcrowded “Football Night in America.”
  •'s Chris Low: LSU's Les Miles vs. Florida's Urban Meyer.
  • Awful Announcing breaks down the NFL TV announcing crews and schedule.
  • Awful Announcing breaks down the college football TV announcing crews and schedule.
  • More to come, I hope. (Updated 12:05 p.m.)
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