Friday, October 24, 2008

Dan Patrick only MSM member not on Favre's side?

I don't watch enough TV and listen to enough radio, but it seems like Dan Patrick is the lone member of the mainstream media to rip Brett Favre for sharing information with the Detroit Lions. A few sort of questioned Favre's action, but most (Peter King, Mike Golic, etc.) wanted to sweep this under the rug.

And when I say mainstream media, I guess I mean the big dawgs in the business. I am sure some of the local newspaper/radio/TV guys in New York, Detroit and Green Bay, didn't ride to Favre's rescue. Heck, they were the ones asking Favre the tough questions during his press conference.

Anyway, this leads me to Dan Patrick, who actually ripped Favre on his radio program Thursday. Here are Patrick's words, after he was told he was getting mail from listeners who were saying he was a Favre hater as well as a Favre apologist:
    How did I become a Favre apologist? I don't hate Brett Favre. But I don't think he is being totally honest here that it was total B.S. that he contacted the Lions. "Okay, I did contact the Lions. Okay, I didn't tell them anything. All right, we only talked for a couple minutes. Okay?" It's wrong if there was any conversation about the Packers and anything to do with the game plan. So for the NFL players, former NFL players, analysts, apologists, who keep saying, "There's nothing wrong with this. That is happens all the time." Please don't take the broad brush to this. It is Favre, Packers, Lions. You don't play for the Lions. If you played for the Lions and you told them every play in the playbook, I don't have a problem with that. But don't make it seem like guys do this all the time. This is Favre, Green Bay and the Lions. That doesn't happen. We will never get to the true core of this, but I believe Jay Glazer is telling the truth when he says this is how it came out. If you heard Glazer on the show, he said, "I am a million percent positive on this."
By the way, if you go to Patrick's web site, there's a photo of him with Favre at last year's Sports Illustrated ceremony to award Favre as the magazine's Sportsmen of the Year.


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