Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big deal: With 2 weeks to prepare, Browns upset Giants

It's one game, folks. People (aka fans, media critics) love to look at one game and draw conclusions for the whole season. Before we go any further, it was one game, people. One game. The Cleveland Browns upset the New York Giants. Eli Manning had an awful game. His stats were mediocre (18-28 passing for 198 yards, one TD pass), but it was the three interceptions that was the difference maker. That's what this all comes down to -- three INTs. If he throws zero INTs, the Giants probably win. Probably.

People are saying the Browns (2-3) are back in the hunt for the AFC North. People are also saying Giants (4-1) have fallen back to the rest of the NFC East and are now in a competitive race for the division title.

My point? It's only one game. Remember, before the game, people were saying the exact opposite about both teams. A few weeks from now, the storylines may be (and probably will be) back to where they were before this game.

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