Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why Patriots have figured it out and why they have not

ESPN.com's Tim Graham shares three reasons why the New England Patriots may have figured it out. And three reasons why they may not have figured it out. What they needed to figure out was life (or at least a season) without Tom Brady. Here goes:
    Three reasons the Patriots have figured it out
    1. Revitalized running game.
    2. Cassel, Moss connect.
    3. Defense makes big plays.
    Three reasons the Patriots haven't figured it out
    1. Mounting injuries.
    2. Too many sacks.
    3. Tough schedule.
By the way, the Pats are now 4-2. They have figured it out. We should be asking this question of the Chargers and Colts. Graham goes more in depth on his three reasons on ESPN.com.

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