Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tim Tebow: McCain or Obama? Neither. He just rambles

In a Sporting News interview, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow made news for not giving a definite answer about whether he was coming back to quarterback the Florida Gators next season. The more interesting question was about his interest in the 2008 presidential election. Dave Curtis of the Sporting News asked: "How much do you care about this presidential election?"
    TEBOW: I do, but I really haven't tried to take a stance publicly about anything. Right now, in my life and what I'm doing, I don't need the attention of saying, "I'm going to go after this guy. This is who you need to vote for." I'm just trying to share my faith and share how much I love the Gators and not so much politics. ...

    I've thought about it and tried to pray about it and figure out what's the best thing. Especially when talking to candidates and everything, I just don't feel it's the right time. And talking to people who are wiser, they just said you really don't need to get into that right now. People will be like, "I'm a Democrat, you're a Republican." Or, "I'm a Republican, and I'm a Democrat." And, "You're going to vote for this person, so I'm not going to be a Gator fan anymore." Or, "I'm not a Tim Tebow fan anymore." I just don't need to get into that and try to make Gator fans angry.
Can anyone make any sense of that? Maybe he should have given the Jim Tressel-like answer, which is not to acknowledge the question.

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