Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stuff I already read today, that you may want to read

  • CNBC confirmed that the Lehman brothers CEO was knocked out cold at gym following the company's collapse.
  • The Washington Post asks: Why didn't business reporters see the meltdown coming? CNBC's Charlie Gasparino, who was sweating through his underwear, says the media failed.
  • Sarah Palin's recent endorsement of "The Economist" magazine appears to have paid off for the publication. "The Economist" won Advertising Age's Magazine of the Year. Being a woman and all, you would think Palin would have spoken up for "Women's Health," which came in second place in the magazine contest.
  • John Gorman of The Love of Sports is living the dream by interviewing Carrie Milbank (above). Of course, the opening sentence of his interview with Milbank is: "Carrie Milbank is living the dream." Maybe they both are.
  • Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen went to shake the hand of Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh. According to the South Bend Post-Tribune, "The handshake was never consummated."
  • Stiles Points: Half naked Nicolette Sheridan showing she still has it as she struts her stuff at Malibu.
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