Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stuff you should read: USA Today ups its price, Broncos' history at 4-1, Redskins "Stay medium," Kentucky uniforms, and decorations by Sharpie

  • The Associated Press reports that The USA Today is jacking up its sticker price to $1.00 starting Dec. 8.
  • A Rocky Mountain News blog reports: "In five of the last six years, Denver has opened with at least a 4-1 record but soon after began a middle stretch that helped define its season for better, or usually, worse."
  • Mister Irrelevant writes about the Washington Redskins, under first-year coach Jim Zorn, wantonness to "stay medium." He is even has a T-shirt with "Stay medium" on it.
  • Kentucky Wildcats displayed their new uniforms at Keeneland. The Kentucky Herald-Leader reports that the uniform is the result of "two iconic brands" -- Kentucky basketball and Nike. But there's a third influence (they claim) -- Triple Crown winner Secretariat.
  • The Kentucky Herald-Leader reports that a lawyer decorated his basement with a $10 sharpie. And you know you basement was nice. The newspaper's web site has a 360-degree view of the place.
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