Friday, October 17, 2008

Bobby Reid's "a man," but he's becoming "The Man" in SWAC

Most of you saw Mike Gundy's explosion last season, when he gave a columnist for the Daily Oklahoman a tongue lashing. Gundy yelled (video below) at the columnist, Jenni Carlson, "Come after me. I'm a man. I'm 40. I'm not a kid. Write something about me. Or our coaches. Don't write about a kid that does everything right -- that's heart's broken. And then say that the coaches said he was scared. That ain't true."

The line "Come after me. I'm a man. I'm 40. I'm not a kid," is so popular now, it's a punchline to your jokes. But do you remember the "kid" in this story? Most don't.

Well, first off he is a man at age 22 -- only he's a man 19 years younger than Mike Gundy, who's now 41. But he's not only a man, he's becoming "The Man" in the Southwestern Athletic Conference. Bobby Reid graduated from Oklahoma State last winter with a degree in education. The quarterback thought about declaring for the NFL draft, but with one year of eligibility left, he decided to transfer to Texas Southern.

While Texas Southern is 3-4, having lost its last two games, Reid has passed for 1,639 yards and 11 touchdowns. He has five interceptions. Nice numbers, for sure. But what propels him higher in stature among quarterbacks is the eight touchdowns he has rushed for this season. That's the most rushing TDs in the SWAC. Reid has been named the SWAC's offensive player of the week twice this season.

As a recruit, he was compared to Vince Young. Even now, he garners the accolades. The Advocate, a Louisiana newspaper, wrote, "Reid’s arrival at TSU may offer the closest the Southwestern Athletic Conference has seen to the days of Alcorn State’s Steve 'Air' McNair."

Of the Gundy tirade, Reid earlier told, “I felt like it was all a front. That it was all a big show. It didn’t feel genuine.”

While Gundy and the Oklahoma State Cowboys are highly ranked after upsetting Missouri last weekend, Reid will be back on the field this Saturday night against Jackson State. Of his time at Texas Southern, Reid told The Advocate last week, “It’s a great experience, I’m actually having a good time doing it. I haven’t been as happy as this since high school.”

While Oklahoma State looks to improve its perfect record to seven wins this weekend, Texas Southern will seeking its fourth win of the season. The fourth win would equal the number of wins Texas Southern had over the previous four seasons combined.

Oddly enough, the home game for Texas Southern on Saturday is being marketed as "Take a Kid to the Game Day." Reid is no longer "a kid," but with the stats he's posting he's now "The Man" in the SWAC.

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rhp997 said...

"Nice numbers" in the SWAC won't necessarily get Reid drafted. Zac Robinson, Reid's replacement at OSU, is having a much better season against tougher competition - leading his team to an undefeated start. Zac's rating is better, he's running for nearly as many yards (and Cowboy fans will tell you he's hardly run at all this year; Reid's 1.8 yards per carry is somehow comparable to Vince Young?), his completion % is much higher, and has only been sacked four times all season. Reid, by comparison, has been sacked 4 times or more in three games! Running quarterbacks should be a bit more elusive - or at least able to throw the ball away. Overall, Reid's season has been remarkably similar to his campaign at OSU; he completes a little over 50% of his passes, runs "ok", and has the arm for the big play - but he's nowhere near the expectations surrounding his entry into the league. Whether or not such expectations are fair, Reid's season has only lent credibility to Gundy's decision to start Zac...

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