Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10 semi-decent reasons to bookmark this site

Here are The Zone Blitz's top 10 entries during the past week (or so). Hope to do this every week (or so). This is also a P.R. move so you will realize that maybe you should bookmark this site as one of your favorites. Or if you have a blog, you should place this site on your blogroll. This blog is a work in progress. I like to think I get at least 10 worthy entries a week. As some of you regular readers know, this isn't normally a site for hard news when it comes to the NFL. At the top of this site I state that The Zone Blitz provides NFL info that is a bit left of center. This site is 75-percent NFL, 25-percent all else. Here goes, in no order:
1. Does Steve Spurrier even know Ole Miss' Greg Hardy? Hardy is said to be a first rounder whenever he enters the NFL draft, and Spurrier doesn't seem like he knows the Ole Miss junior defensive lineman.
2. Chris Cooley and the naked truth about his blog. Cooley talks about his blog and how the Redskins posted a certain photo of his blog on the team's projector.
3. O.J. Simpson to guests: Acquittal party is off. Las Vegas Review Journal's Norm Clarke, the best gossiper in the business, said that the Juice was planning an "acquittal party." A Las Vegas jury of 12 threw a wrench into those plans.
4. LeAnn Rimes: Jessica Simpson has assets to be big as Dolly Parton. No explanation needed. Just read it.
5. John Wayne Bobbitt in for the fight of his life? Norm Clarke, the best gossiper in the business, of the Las Vegas Review Journal had this in his column.
6. She's doing what with Steve Bartman to end the curse? Everyone had this one, but it was funny. It was a take off of the video by Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon.
7. Holy Toledo: "Holy Toledo" used in record number of headlines. Toledo shocks Michigan and too many (but surely not all) headline writers used the words "Holy Toledo." A modern-day record?
8. Barack Obama LOVES his pie. Pie, pie, pie, pie! It's wasn't a pro or anti Barack Obama posting. It was just a video of Obama saying the word pie 17 times within about one minute.
9. More of Tony Mandarich's interview on Showtime. I just like the fact that Mandarich said he has a copy of the famous Sports Illustrated cover on display in his house. Only it's in the garage on a wall next to a trash container. There's video to prove it. And I will say this once: Mandarich seems like a normal guy, which is good.
10. This is the last top 10 links I did.

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