Thursday, October 23, 2008

If you love colors, you'll love this NFL story has broken each NFL team down by the colors. After all these years, you would think you know your favorite team inside and out, right? Ok, well let's see. New York Jets fans, what are you team colors?

If you answered green and white, you get half a point. The real answer is hunter green and white.

Let's try again. The Dallas Cowboys? Answer: royal blue, metallic silver-green, Navy blue, silver, and white.

Philadelphia Eagles? Answer: Midnight green, black, white and silver.

Detroit Lions? Answer: Honolulu blue, silver, black, white.

Of course, the Oakland Raiders colors are black, silver and white. Yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers are black and gold. But all is not what it appears with all the teams.

The site also posts each team's color uniform, white uniform and alternative uniform (if they have one).

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