Monday, October 20, 2008's Bill Williamson: "Favre looked old"'s Bill Williamson is saying New York Jets quarterback Brett Favre looked old. Someone please page Peter King. We need to hear the other side of this story. Here's what Williamson wrote following the Jets' embarrassing loss to the Oakland Raiders in overtime:
    Brett Favre looked old: You kept waiting for Favre to make a big play and win the game. It never happened. He had his moments, but Favre was not special. Not even close. He was horribly stagnant in overtime as he completed one of four passes during three uneventful drives. He threw two bad interceptions, including one at the Oakland goal line. Favre, 39, completed 21-of-38 for 197 yards. He rarely threw deep.

    "I don't think that was ever the plan," said Oakland cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who intercepted Favre once. "They dinked and dunked."

    After the game, Favre was down. He said the game was one of the toughest he ever had to endure. I remember his last game as a Green Bay Packer, in the NFC title game against the Giants in which his final pass was an interception, as tougher.

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