Sunday, July 13, 2008

Down goes Canseco. Down goes Canseco.

In a celebrity boxing match in Atlantic City Saturday night, former NFL return man Vai Sikahema knocked out Jose Canseco in the first round, reports the New York Daily News. Canseco, 44, earned a reported $35,000, while Sikahema, 45, earned $25,000. According the Daily News, at the weigh-in, Sikahema growled: "You better pack your lunch, 'cause I'm going to kick your ass. I'm going to chop you down." At ringside was Canseco's girlfriend, Heidi Northcutt (at right). In other Canseco news, with Madonna and A-Rod in the news, Canseco told US magazine that the Material Girl wanted to have a baby with him. Canseco is quoted as saying: "I'm Cuban and she wanted a Cuban child. She wanted to get married and have a child with me." And, oh, in real boxing news last night, Wladimir Klitschko knocked out Tony Thompson.

  • Also: If you're a football fan, you gotta check out what appears to be USC's Pete Carroll shirtless. Funny and uncomfortable.
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