Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's official: Best refs Mike Carey and Ed Hochuli

The NFL's Mike Carey and Ed Hochuli were voted the best referees by the league's head coaches in a recent ESPN poll. Each received eight votes for the best. But also interesting was that Carey received three votes for the worst, while Hochuli garnered four votes for worst. So, technically speaking, Carey was the best with an overall positive number of five to Hochuli's overall positive number of four. The worst? ESPN reports: "Gerald Austin, who is headed for retirement after 26 years as an NFL official and 18 as a referee, finished with a league-high six negative votes. No head coach listed him among the best referees. Austin's crews assessed a league-low 8.9 penalties per game last season."
And what better time than now to pull out the greatest call by an official. Here's a 35-second clip of "Giving him the business down there."

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