Monday, July 14, 2008

Jason Whitlock rips NBC's "Football Night in America"

Word is, is that Dan Patrick didn't like Jason Whitlock's piece on NBC's "Football Night in America," which Patrick just joined recently. I must say that he was right on two points:
1). "What in the hell is NBC doing adding another person to its NFL studio show who doesn't really care or know anything about the NFL?" I am not here to question Patrick's NFL knowledge, but there are too many people on this show. The show has zero personality, and I like watching these shows.
2). "(Keith) Olbermann, a brilliant broadcaster, is a left-wing political pundit. You don't think football when you see Olbermann. You think Bill O'Reilly." Right on. Is Whitlock headed for the worst-person-of-the-day treatment from Olbermann?
  • By the way, in other Keith Olbermann news, I stumbled on news of Oblermann's live-in girlfriend, Katy Tur, 24. Tur landed a job at New York's CW11, according to the The Post Chronicle. If you go all the way to the bottom of the story, they are more than happy to link you to photos of her.
  • Also: If you're a football fan, you gotta check out what appears to be USC's Pete Carroll shirtless. Funny and uncomfortable.
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