Saturday, July 12, 2008

Q&A with Pat Summerall

The St. Petersburg Times has a Q&A with George Allen "Pat" Summerall. Summerall, now 78, worked along side of Tom Brookshier and John Madden during his broadcasting career. Among his answers, he called last year's Super Bowl one of the best. He told the Times: "Well, I watched the last one from home. Many people said, including me, that might have been the best game of all time, in terms of being close and the excitement. The catch by (David) Tyree, the scramble by (Eli) Manning and the whole thing. That was entertaining. I didn't go and I've missed only one Super Bowl — Washington and Miami (in Super Bowl VII). CBS didn't have the broadcast so that's why I wasn't there." Interesting interview and, thank goodness, not one mention of Brett Favre.

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