Friday, July 11, 2008

Stefan Fatsis kicks around some Q&A

Stefan Fatsis has a new book out called "A Few Seconds of Panic," about a summer as a kicker for the Denver Broncos. I had a link to it when the book hit the stores a few weeks back. Fatsis' first book was "Word Freak," a book about the high-pressure world of competitive Scrabble. Fatsis answers some interesting questions by the Washingtonian, including: "Are there similarities between pro football players and the best Scrabble players?" His answer: "Somebody once told me that you look at anybody who does anything at an elite level and you’re going to find an obsessive misfit. And while we want to think that pro football players are cool and supremely self-confident and have the world dancing on their fingers, they’re like any other obsessive misfit." And if this isn't enough, Fatsis has his own web site, with a blog included.

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