Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This is early in the day Favre stuff; more to come -- for sure

  • Green Bay Press-Gazette columnist Mike Woods says it's Brett Favre's fault and not the team's general manager, Ted Thompson. (Apparently, neither Peter King nor Favre's agent Bus Cook were unavailable to challenge the veracity of this story).
  • A source tells the Baltimore Sun that Favre doesn't fit into Ravens' plans. OK. Next.
  • The Detroit News reports that Lions coach Rod Marinelli is mum on Brett Favre. Don't the Lions already have a QB in Jon Kitna. Someone might want to hide the newspaper from Kitna. Next.
  • Greta Van Susteren gave the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel her thoughts on the Brett Favre ordeal. According to the newspaper, "Van Susteren, an Appleton native, University of Wisconsin graduate, and holder of one share of Packers' stock, said she thinks the Packers ought to give Favre his release, and let him pursue a deal with another team." The newspaper said it appears the interview was set up by Favre's wife, Deanna. Next.
  • Just checked Sports Illustrated's web site, still no new Peter King story. Next.
  • Detroit News' Mike O'Hara says Brett Favre is getting Barry-esque. That's Barry as in Barry Sanders, when he retired in 1999. Next.
  • OK, this is really getting old.
  • And let's not complain too much about Greta getting the big interview. It could have been worse. Uh, like, Peter King.
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