Friday, October 3, 2008

Nothing worse than unemployed mascot; Warriors seek exit strategy

Why? Why? Why?

There is nothing sadder than the firing of a mascot. The Golden State Warriors and Thunder appear about to part ways. It seems the Oklahoma City Thunder signaled the end for Thunder, the Golden State Warriors mascot affectionately called, you guessed it, Thunder.

The Associated Press is reporting:
    Thunder has been part of this franchise for some 12 years and his likeness is featured on the team's primary logo, though the team doesn't use that image much anymore.

    Warriors team president Robert Rowell is willing to make the switch for the benefit of the other Thunder, formerly the Seattle SuperSonics. When the timing's right, that is.

    "We're clearly going to do something to accommodate Oklahoma City and not have our mascot named Thunder," Rowell said. "For the sake of not making things confusing, we're going to do something. We just have to figure out a good exit strategy."
Rowell was also suggesting a trade to Oklahoma City or maybe even leaving Thunder in China when the Warriors make a trip there this fall. "He might get lost in the crowd over in China," Rowell said. "There are 1.3 billion people there."

Many of Thunder's friends (Stuff the Magic Dragon, Go-Rilla, Benny and DaBull, Griz) were unavailable for comment. There's talk of taking up a collection for Thunder. Stop by my desk, because I have a card started if anyone wants to sign it. Maybe one of us should swing by his place to see if he's okay.

Hang in there, Thunder.

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