Monday, July 14, 2008

Chris Crocker: Leave Brett Favre alone. Pleaseeee!!!!

Gregg Doyel of National Columnist says, does his best Chris Crocker imitation in his defense of Brett Favre. Only Doyel isn't crying like Crocker and Favre. Doyel says enough is enough. Here's Doyel's defense of Favre: "Favre has never been arrested for DUI. Never been accused of domestic violence. Never been caught using steroids or HGH. Never stolen signs. Never mooned the crowd. Never punched a teammate or stepped on an opponent. Never walked off the field while the game was in progress. Never fathered multiple kids with multiple women." Wonderful. Now here's whose fault it is that Favre is taking a beating: one, Favre (and Doyel agrees), and, two, it's the media's fault. The mainstream media -- John Madden, Peter King, Tony Kornheiser, ESPN, NBC, etc. -- have built this guy up to be, to be ... I can't even find the words. But Brett Favre is it, in the media's eyes. Whatever it is. I think this is just backlash at Favre's ability to draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag this thing out over the years. And it's also backlash at the media's overwhelming love for this guy.
  • Now, let's concentrate on the Aaron Rodgers part of this. One thing I find interesting is that the Packers appear not to want Favre back. Is it because they actually think Rodgers really is the better quarterback? It is because Favre tended to throw very stupid interceptions. Maybe they think Rodgers is equal to Favre (at this stage in Favre's career) but can manage the game better without the stupid interceptions. Maybe. Then again, maybe not. We'll find out soon enough. Well, as Doyel said, enough is enough.
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