Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh great: Use your cell while you bet on games in Vegas

There ain't nothing more annoying then being out -- like at a quiet restaurant or coffee shop -- and then someone gets a cell phone call. There is nothing worse then being stuck listening to a one-sided conversation. Nothing. With that said, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports: "Cellular telephones may soon be allowed inside Nevada's race and sports books after the Gaming Control Board on Thursday (July 10)recommended repealing the regulation banning their use." Wonder why I didn't find this story posted on the site. Kidding. The Review-Journal goes on to report: "The decades-old ban was enacted to keep betting lines from being transmitted outside the state and to discourage layoff wagering by illegal bookmakers inside Nevada casinos. However, casino representatives want to end the prohibition because of the advent of Internet sports books and the countless number of Web sites that transmit sports wagering information." What would Jimmy the Greek think of all this?

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