Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Favre report from his man-friend (Peter King)

Peter King of Sports Illustrated almost sorta' criticizes his boyhood idol Brett Favre: "The one thing I don't believe Favre understands yet is the tumult which will greet his return to the Packers, or to another NFL team. There are Packer fans who have moved on, and wish he would do the same. He doesn't realize fully -- yet -- that Brett Favre returning to the Packers would bug a slew of Packerphiles who wish he'd make a decision and stick with it and ride off into the sunset with his glory intact." King, who seems to have a crush on Favre at times, says the best team for Favre is the Minnesota Vikings, but don't expect the Packers to trade him to a team in the division.
In honor of King's crush on Favre, we decided to run the "I have a crush ... on Obama" video. A classic, which has had nearly 9 millions views on YouTude.

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rstiles said...

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