Sunday, July 6, 2008

Features of interest

  • Peter Schrager of lists a question for each of the 32 NFL teams. Some of the questions include: Do the Bengals even stand a chance at the playoffs this year? Is the Bears offense the worst unit in the entire league? Can the Pats go undefeated in 2008? Did the Raiders pay too much for Javon Walker? Is this Alex Smith/Mike Martz marriage going to work for the 49ers?
  • You are just starting to get focused on the upcoming NFL season, and the folks over at are already focusing on next year's NFL draft. They list the top runnings in the 2009 draft. It's fairly indepth. Their blue chippers include: Clemson's James Davis and Nebraska's Marlon Lucky. If you are a draft geek, there's a lot to read here.
  • Roger Rotter of lists the top 30 quarterbacks. It's a fantasy football list, but it's alway interesting to see where QBs land on a list. The New England Patriots' Tom Brady at the top and the Chicago Bears' Rex Grossman at the bottom.
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