Friday, July 4, 2008

More on Favre's itch

The only good to come out of this Brett Favre itch thing is that people are talking about the NFL right now -- July Fourth weekend.
  • The Shutdown Corner over at Yahoo! wonders what would be so wrong if the Green Bay Packers told Brett Favre to stick it. One word: Amen.
  • Adam Schefter of says: "If Brett Favre does decide to return to the NFL, the Packers will have to decide whether to keep him, trade him, or release him. From the moment the league receives the letter, it would give the Packers approximately 24 hours to either activate or release Favre, an NFL spokesman confirmed Thursday."
  • An interesting interview on the NFL Network with Favre's old quarterbacks coach, Steve Mariucci. Mariucci said he thinks we are going to be talking about this for a while. He also said quarterback Aaron Rodgers has really picked it up since Favre has left. He said he can't see Favre calling the Packers and saying, "Hey, make room for me." We shall see.
  • Clifton Brown of the Sporting News tells Brett Favre to stay put. He says: "Favre played better than almost anyone expected last season, and maybe he can do it again. But the older he gets, the harder it will be for him to play at the same level. Sure, it was about a zillion degrees below zero in that playoff game against the Giants, but in the second half, Favre looked old, frozen, and tired, while Eli Manning looked like he could have played all night."
  •'s Kevin Seifert says that teams struggle the following year after losing a Hall Of Fame quarterback. Seifer said: "Not surprisingly, the quarterback's team posted a better record the following year in only seven of the 17 instances. Otherwise, the team fared worse or the same. The Packers can't do much better than last season's 13-3 mark, but it's nevertheless worth noting the hardships most teams face when replacing a future Hall of Famer." Statistically, 17 examples isn't enough to prove your case. Also, most people want to go out on top, so when you post a 13-3 record like Farve did last season, you think that maybe it is a good way to leave -- on top.
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