Friday, July 4, 2008

Tidbits of interest

  • Alex Marvez of Fox Sports writes about NFL Europa on the first anniversary of the league's demise. Most know Kurt Warner spent time there and in the Arena Football League. But there were others. Marvez writes: "Adam Vinatieri -- regarded as the most clutch kicker in Super Bowl history -- parlayed a 1996 stint with Amsterdam into a New England Patriots roster spot. Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo also spent time with the Admirals in 2001 en route to becoming a 2008 Pro Bowl special teams player."
  • Clifton Brown of the Sporting News has a long piece on Mike Martz seeking redemption in San Francisco as the 49ers' offensive coordinator. Brown writes: "Martz is running the 49ers' offense, and the fates of two men (head coach Mike Nolan and starting quarterback Alex Smith) seemingly rest in his hands." In the story, Dick Vermeil is very direct on Martz's importance to the St. Louis Rams' efforts in Super Bowl XXXIV: "I don't think an offensive coordinator has ever had a bigger impact on a team in one season. We wouldn't have won a Super Bowl without him. It's that simple."
  • Ray Buck of the Star-Telegram takes a long look at former Dallas Cowboys receiver Bob Hayes and why he isn't in the Hall and why maybe he should be. Hayes finished his career with 371 catches for 7,414 yards and 71 touchdowns. More impressive was the 20.0 yards per catch by Robert Lee "Bullet Bob" Hayes.
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