Friday, July 11, 2008

Stuff I found while looking for other stuff:

  • Apparently this bothers the NFL: There are still tickets available for the Buffalo Bills' exhibition game with the Pittsburgh Steelers next month. No kidding there are tickets available. You think 50,000 Americans would pay to see a Canadian game just because it was being played in the United States? You can't blame Canada on this one. They are no different than us -- we both love our own version of football.
  • When the cops arrested Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Matt Jones, one officer had his gun in "low ready" mode because Jones was slow to show his hands.
  • Yesterday, we were talking about former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar's lack of titles for the city of Cleveland during his playing days. Well, if the Cleveland Gladiators fail to reach the finals in the AFL this weekend, maybe Cleveland sports fans can take some joy from Brian Schaedlich. reports that Schaedlich, "a special education teacher from Cleveland, currently enjoys a commanding lead for the top prize of over $9 Million dollars" at the World Series of Poker.
  • John McCain used his knowledge of the Pittsburgh Steelers while in POW camp.
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