Friday, July 11, 2008

Rooney reading (and watching)

A lot of good stuff the past few days concerning the Rooneys and the sale of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here's a few:
  • According the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the NFL has deep roots when it comes to gambling. Says the Post-Gazette: "Urban legend says Steelers founder Art Rooney Sr. bought the team in 1933 with horse race winnings." The Rooneys ties to gambling are from having interests in dog and horse racing.
  • Mike Wilkening of pro Football Weekly takes a historical look at Dan Rooney Sr.'s gambling exploits at the horse racing track. During a winning streak at the track, old man Rooney "is believed to have won anywhere between $200,000 to $358,000 in Depression-era dollars."
  • Not sure what this means, but the Art Rooney final was run last weekend at Yonkers Raceway. I am not going to tell you who won, but the thing I found most interesting was that Dontloseyourdayjob (a reference to Dan Rooney?) led most of the race. Did he win? Watch, if you're so interested. Here's the two-minute video of the race from last Saturday.

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