Friday, July 11, 2008

Who the heck is Stanley Freeman Druckenmiller?

If you watch CNBC on a daily basis and read each edition of the Wall Street Journal, you might, and I really do mean MIGHT, have heard of a guy named Stanley Freeman Druckenmiller before the beginning of this week. Now we all know the name. But who the heck is Stanley Freeman Druckenmiller? The best report of who he is was done by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review two days ago. Here are just a few facts from the story:
  • "Golf handicap? Nine."
  • "He earned degrees in English literature and economics from elite Bowdoin College in Maine, where fellow students recalled him as a genius who was destined to be a professor."
  • "He once thanked Dan Rooney for having winning seasons."
  • "According to federal filings, since 1992 the Druckenmillers have doled out more than $840,000, with 68 percent of it going to Republicans."
    And there is so much more in this article. Read it. And then you will know a heck of a lot more about this guy.
    With that said, it doesn't seem right if the Rooneys are no longer owners of the Steelers. The old man bought it for $2,500. I'm not a Steelers lover or a Steelers hater. Just an NFL fan who loves the idea that this organization has been in same hands for the past 75-plus years. You almost thought Dan Rooney broke out his roll of quarters, nickles and dimes to figure out who the team could afford. And then the team and their fans always got more than their money's worth. Under the Rooneys, the Steelers have always appeared to be a small hometown business. They're the George Baileys of the world. Druckenmiller sounds like a wonderful guy, but hopefully the Rooneys' wonderful life in the NFL will continue.
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