Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chris Cooley and the naked truth about his blog

The Washington Redskins' most famous blogger, Chris Cooley, was on "Scott Van Pelt Show" on ESPN Radio recently. He chatted about the rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys. But more importantly, he talked about his blog and the "accidental nudity" (Deadspin's description) that was posted on his blog before the Redskins' game with the New Orleans Saints a few weeks ago. While delicately asking about the incident, Scott Van Pelt called it a "very personal situation." Cooley said it was an accident. Of course, that didn't stop the blogging public from having a field day with it. Heck, it didn't even stop the Redskins from ribbing him. Cooley said when he walked into a team meeting on the Monday following the game (which the Redskins won 29-24), it was on the projector.

If you wish to listen, the clip is more than seven minutes long, but most of it addresses Cooley's blog. Here's a few Q&A's between Van Pelt and Cooley.
    Van Pelt: A very personal situation came out there for the world to see. What goes through your mind when your situation is out there for the world to see?
    Cooley: It was kind of a crazy experience. Because what was happening is is that we had heard that NBC -- I think our game was on NBC that week -- was going to talk about the blog. So we thought let's get a couple things up (on the blog) today. Let's get some stuff up. It just me and my little brother.

    Van Pelt: Sure. And you got some stuff up.
    Cooley: We kind of hurried. I was in the hotel room the morning before the game. Took a picture. Uh, it was a complete accident.

    Van Pelt: I get it, but do you typically flip through the playbook naked?
    Cooley: It wasn't that I was trying to take a picture to say I was studying, I was just trying to take a picture of the playbook.

    Van Pelt: But you were in that big of a hurry?
    Cooley: Uh, that's a great question. Uh, I don't know. It's my hotel room. I can be naked in my hotel room. That shouldn't be a big deal. I closed the blinds. Geez.
Here are few other responses by Cooley.
  • On being able to laugh about it, Cooley said: I walked into the team meeting the next day and it was on the projector. In a team meeting. And everyone is laughing. So I can't sit there upset because I'll just get killed.

  • On the team's respond, Cooley said: I think initially they were worried the playbook was there. But when they saw that there was nothing from the playbook, no one was very concerned. Zorn just laughed a little bit. He said the Internet works fast, guys.

  • On being a blogsman, Cooley said: I started it with my little brother. The two of us do it together. He created the web site. We don't have any outside source for any of this. So we do everything together, which is really cool. But, basically, we thought it was a cool project. Something that we thought we could work on together. We have a blast with it. Obviously, I don't know where it's going.

  • On blogging about the Dallas Cowboys, Cooley said: I can do a blog or an article about something and it's not a big deal. But if I do one thing about Dallas, there's a million hits. Tons of comments. I mean, it's crazy how much people care about Dallas.
There's more on the clip, but that was the best of it.

Oh well, the Redskins play the Philadelphia Eagles at 1 p.m. today. Enjoy.

  • More naked truth about Chris Cooley; he's a good guy. (Posted hours after this story was posted.)
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