Sunday, October 5, 2008

More naked truth about Chris Cooley; he's a good guy

During his radio interview with Scott Van Pelt, Washington Redskins tight end (and one of America's favorite bloggers) Chris Cooley mentioned he received an e-mail from someone who he was looking forward to meeting. He said it was one of the pluses to having his web site. It allows him contact with the public. During the radio interview, Cooley said, "I read every comment that people post on it. I read all the e-mails that people send to us. It's hard to respond to everyone. And a lot of people just want to say hello, you know. And I think that's real cool, because I do read them all and I see everything. And we respond to some stuff depending on what it is. We got a guy was sick and I am going to go meet him tomorrow. So we got that through the blog." One can assume this is the person Cooley was referring to. The story ran in yesterday's Frederick News-Post.
    "Dear Mr. Cooley, I am writing this letter to tell you about my co-worker, Kathy Frazier, and her husband, Ron," began Jeanne Durkin's e-mail to Redskins star tight end Chris Cooley. "Kathy and Ron have been lifetime, loyal fans of the Washington Redskins since the team played in Griffith Stadium. They have been season ticket holders since 1991."

    Ron, however, has not been able to attend any games this fall. The 52-year-old federal employee was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer two years ago.
You have to love the following detail to the story. Reporter Ron Cassie of the Frederick News-Post writes:
    The Redskins asked if it was possible for Ron to visit the team for a practice, but he is no longer able to travel. Instead, Cooley drove to Jefferson from Virginia on Friday after practice to meet the Fraziers. Two dozen friends, family members and neighbors were there. When the neighborhood children heard what was happening, they ran over, too.
A great read.

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