Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Peter King back to normal: Tired of T.O.; never tired of Favre

When quarterback Brett Favre does something great, I wonder how Sports Illustrated's Peter King (possibly holding this sign) will praise him. When wide receiver Terrell Owens does something bad, I wonder how King will rip him. This all comes from King's Monday Mourning Quarterback. Here goes:

  • On Owens (while choosing the NFL's best team):
      The best team: New York Giants. Somewhere in between the Cowboys giving up 37 points to the Eagles and 381 yards to the Redskins -- both at home -- and listening to Terrell Owens complain last night that he's not getting the ball enough, I came to realize the team with the best talent is not the best team. At least not now.
  • Here's King ripping the Cowboys' use of Felix Jones, which we all know is an indirect shot at Owens getting 18 passes thrown his way:
      I am sure this is a misprint. After scoring a touchdown in the Cowboys' first three games of the year, rookie Felix Jones was not listed as a rusher or receiver Sunday against the Redskins. I'm sure there's been some mistake. What genius would carve out a game plan without Felix Jones' name in it?
  • Here's King first praise of Favre, who he picks as his co-offensive player of the week:
      The Jets stunk big-time the last two weeks, and they looked like serious playoff contenders Sunday, and much of that is because Favre, week by week, is getting more in sync with his receivers.
  • Here's King's final praise for Favre:
      I think the text message of the night was this, from Brett Favre, after I messaged a post-game congrats on his six touchdowns: "Great. I hope I leave something here other than stats.''
    Hey, Peter, two things:
    1. I agree with you on one thing, the Giants and the Cowboys are the best teams in the NFL.
    2. As for your love for Favre, the Jets will not make the playoffs.

    Sorry. Someone had to tell you this. And don't even think about texting me.
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