Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bloggers of the world, unite! needs embeddable video

Last week, shared his list of "10 Things I’d Change If I Were NFL Commissioner." As an NFL fan, I agreed with many of his suggestions. As a blogger, Sportaphile's No. 10 suggestion was right on the mark.
    10. Embeddable videos and pictures from
    This is more so a bloggers dream than anything else. The league (and TV networks) fiercely hunt down NFL footage on video sites due to copyright infringement, creating a pain in the ass for every sports blogger in the world. Why not provide a real solution to the problem by providing embeddable video and pictures from the league’s official site?

    I’m willing to put up with ads on the videos so they get the money they so desperately crave.

First, for you non-bloggers who may not know what embedded video is. It's video taken from elsewhere (like You Tube or Dailymotion) and posted on a different site, like that video posted below, which I grabbed from You Tube. (By the way, it's a stinking NFL commercial, which I wrote about last week.)

I may be a nutball blogging fool who posts too many embedded videos on my site, but here's a suggestion to the real NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell: Allow us bloggers to embed video. There has to be money in it for you. ESPN already does it. During the preseason, I linked to video on, but then I got tired of it. Not sure if the NFL folks realizes this, but we bloggers are promoting your game. Meet us half way: give us the ability embed video and you can post a short five-second commercial at the start of each one.

And thanks to "Sportaphile for this Top 10 list.

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